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Never Underestimate the Power of Habit Formation

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I have a dare for you. Pick any activity that gives you a rush of pleasure. It could be a cold shower upon waking up, writing for the sake of catharsis, or a no-fail 9 AM wank as you savor a fresh caffeine jolt.

Do that for the next 66 days of your existence. Pick the best time of day to engage, and do your best not to miss. You’ll see the power of habit formation in play. 

On average, it takes two months before a new behavior becomes automatic. That’s what science says, with research giving 66 days as the exact figure. 

I tried it myself recently. For those 66 days, I pushed my perpetually lazy, unmotivated ass to journal. By day 34, I found myself powering through head-splitting hangovers. This shit does work. 

Let me reiterate: the power of habit-building applies to absolutely anything you put your mind to. Anything that could bring you a few steps towards your goal. 

So, instead of reaching for the phone when you get up, allow yourself a few minutes of silence and a bit of living in the present moment. Go for late afternoon walks around the neighborhood and watch the sky turn bright orange at dusk. 

Meditate. Write. Eat right. Tip more. Don’t be a dick. You know, all the good stuff. 

Think of it as a biohack. You’re tricking your brain to be productive, and that’s always a push toward the right direction. 

Build life-enriching practices, and you will be rewarded. And if you’re ambitious enough, you may just make something of yourself. Be a doctor, an astronaut, and a hardened Navy SEAL in the same lifetime

Think of the possibilities. Who says superhumans are mere fictional concepts? Never underestimate the power of habit formation. 

Here’s your ‘something to ponder on’ for today. You’re welcome. 

Cheers, and be well. 

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