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I Tried My Own Amazon KDP Journal Project

The actual product

Studies say it takes 66 days to build a habit. It could be anything – doing posture exercises, going on an alcohol-free existence, or doing booger sugar off a working girl’s natal cleft. Just keep at it; it’ll be part of your life in no time. 

I tried the productive route. For two months and change, I pushed myself to keep a journaling habit using my very own Amazon KDP journal project.

And no, this isn’t self-promotion. Honestly, I just wanted to see if this shit actually worked. 

Who the hell am I?

Short answer: I’m as much of a basketcase as you are. We all have issues. Triggers that drive us to want to run into a wall head-first. Some of you may want to commit something more extreme, and I mean that in the worst way possible. But I won’t give you any ideas. 

Three therapists told me I have depression. One of them even gave it a name. Dysthymia, he says, it’s called. A tongue-bending way of saying ‘persistent mild depression.’ 

That revelation gave me a sigh of relief. I’ve finally connected all the dots leading to every morsel of burden, heartache, distrust, self-loathing, displaced rage, and hatred I’ve carried for the last three decades. Everything’s starting to make sense now. 

I’m far, far from cured. I wouldn’t even dare to start thinking that I am. To say I’m a work in progress is a criminal understatement. But journaling, they say, is one way to get some of that toxic air out. 

Your most beloved broken soul kept a journal in some form, and their writings turned out to be the stuff of legends after they’d passed on. 

Why get into the Amazon KDP Journal game?

I’ve been aching for ‘the dream,’ a life free from the shackles of a salary, not answering to anyone else but yourself. I’ve looked through the deep well of options, many of them unworkable for my needs and wants.

Then, I stumbled upon the idea of creating an Amazon KDP journal. The most significant selling point for me was that it didn’t require a shit ton of research. All you needed was a feasible idea as capital, a $5 monthly subscription for a publishing studio, and you’re all set. 

A quick search on Amazon will land you in hundreds of thousands of similar results. Making an Amazon KDP journal from scratch isn’t a new idea. 

But, at the very least, I wanted to help even the laziest, unmotivated soul develop a journaling habit. Give yourself that daily dose of catharsis by releasing all those thoughts and turning them into something tangible. 

The challenge was standing out. You’re up against steep competition, fools with the same goal and ambition.

Life is too short to be working all the time. Also, who says retirement should happen at a certain age? Step away from the grind whenever you please, but make sure you’re set for life when you do so. 

And in this era, that’s not impossible. You CAN make this happen if you hustle and play your cards right. 

The challenge

Consider this your starter Amazon KDP journal. You aim to fill one page for the next 66 days of your life. It promotes and cultivates the habit of putting all those thoughts on paper. Then you get to see how absurd they are. Reading them stings your eyes, almost. 

Whether you’re the journaling type or not, seeing a blank page in front of you always brings a daunting feeling to the pit of your stomach. You feel judged by imaginary eyes and voices. 

It’s as if you’re reading a book report in front of the class. It’s nonsensically unsettling.

As someone who cringes at the sound of their voice, I imagined it’d be the same for jotting down that stew of mental drivel that’s been marinating for a while now. But fuck it, I need therapy, right? Why not let the pen take a life of its own? 

But I’m not just writing about them. I’ll give you actual snapshots. 

The results

Dear reader, what you’re about to devour is all the filth swirling through my life-long crippled mind. It’s a peek through the dark alleys of my brain, for what it’s worth. But in my case, it was a necessary rude awakening.

So of course, I had to make day one count. First day high.

I worked through days when my entire physical state practically denied me from doing anything remotely productive.

Days when I thought I had absolutely nothing to scribble about. 

Nostril scribbles. Yeah, I’m making that a thing. 

Overall, I’d say the Amazon KDP journal project worked. It’s as habit-forming as a daily 9 AM scroll through Pornhub. In my case, I noticed it as early as day 35. 

But hey, don’t just take my word for it.

The moments of cognizance

What you’ve just written down are pieces of your emotion now immortalized on paper. Try giving them a read. You’ll uncover decades worth of information rearing their ugly heads throughout a 66-day period. 

You see how rage and self-loathing looks on paper.  

You cringe at your own pessimism.

But it’s not all bad. Through that pile of dirt, you’ll find something to give yourself a pat on the back for. For one, you discover poetic talents you didn’t know you had in you. 

You get to vocalize your advocacies… 

… And you realize how differently you’re wired compared to everyone else around you. For better or worse. 

Why should YOU get into journaling?

Now, let’s forget about me, my Amazon KDP journal project, and how these past two months went by. Ultimately, the goal here is to challenge yourself. 

Give yourself something daunting to conquer, even in the slightest bit. Find that one little spark that will ignite a blaze inside you. 

Today, it’s writing in a journal for 66 days. Tomorrow, it’s playing ‘Blackbird’ on a wide-neck classical every night, right before bed. Next week, it’s doing five-minute planks upon getting up in the morning. Pick your poison. Have something to live for. 

You can only get to do life once. Make it worth your while. 

If you’re interested in getting yourself one of these for a close kin or for yourself, here you go. Help a brother out. 

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