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It’s Time to Debunk Gender Equality Once and For All

Is that so?

You didn’t misread that. Gender equality is a myth, and it’s time to debunk it once and for goddamn all. 

I know some of you are already triggered. Go ahead. Rile yourself up. But be sure to give it a read first. 

There is no such thing as gender equality. Biological differences will always exist between males and females. Two different species of humans with different on and off switches and chemistries. 

Now, from these distinctions come society’s unshakeable perceptions. And from these perceptions come the prejudices that both genders experience their fair share of. 

A man who cheats is a stud. A woman who cheats is a skank.

A wife cheated on is consoled. A husband cheated on is called a cuck. 

Men can get away with being a bachelor at 50. Women can get away with physical assault

No woman can walk the streets at night without fearing possible danger. No man can scream rape. 

I could go on and on and on. 

That’s just how society has always been and always will be. All wokes aside. And I’m afraid that’s not changing anytime soon. Gender biases will exist until the end of time because people willingly exploit them. 

There will never be a shortage of manipulative gold diggers who will milk their husband’s obligations to provide. In the same way that there will always be abusive scumbags to a loving, submissive wife. 

So give it a rest. Maybe call for gender acceptance instead. Regardless of which one you identify with, there will be upsides and downsides. Perhaps it’s time we just learned to live with it. To not fight the status quo and break the peace. 

And don’t let me get started with gender neutrality. That’s a topic for another time. 


But what the hell do I know? I’m just your neighborhood curmudgeon yelling at the clouds. 

Cheers, and be well. 

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